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                     Alaska Rainbow Trout Fishing

Naknek River Trout Fishing

The Naknek River is renowned for trophy rainbows, where fish reaching thirty inches are common. The very healthy Sockeye runs of the Naknek River drainage provide the nutrients necessary to grow the big trout.  Alaska Rainbow Trout feed on salmon at every stage of the game, from the loose eggs during salmon spawning to the flesh of spawned-out adults. This river is truly a fly-fishing paradise. There aren't many rivers where a thirty inch Rainbow is the bench mark. Every year fish are caught exceeding thirty three inc

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Alaska Rainbow Trout-Spring Fly Fishing                                       

There are three different periods when trout fishing on the Naknek River is at it's best. The first is the pre-spawn period in the Spring, when the river ice goes out. During this time, good numbers of adult Rainbow Trout stage near gravel flats and are fished with large streamers. The river closes from April 10-June 7 to protect spawning trout.

Alaska Rainbow Trout-Summer Fly-Fishing

The next hot fishing period  runs from the opener on June 8 until the end of July, when trout feed on salmon smolt (juveniles). This can be something to see, a truly Alaskan experience. As millions of smolt make their way to the ocean, a variety of wildlife feast on them. Trout ambush the salmon smolt from below, as Arctic Terns and other birds dive into them from above. The third period of good trout fishing starts in August. Around the third week in August, King Salmon begin to spawn on the Naknek River. The trout, along with every other hungry fish in the Nak, line up behind the Kings to gobble up loose eggs. During this time of year, egg imitations are the ticket. You never know what you're going to catch; Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden, and Arctic Grayling are all feeding. As the Kings begin to die off, the trout start feeding on decaying salmon flesh as well as loose eggs. 

 Alaska Rainbow Trout Fall Fishing
From the end of August until freeze up, good numbers of large trout drop into the river from Naknek lake. This is the time of year the trout bums of the Naknek live for, always trying to catch one bigger than the last. Fly-fisherman will enjoy swinging large streamers for very hungry trout, this is when Spey fisherman break out the big stick and huck some line. If monster 'bows are your interest, September and October are the months to be here.    

Alaska Rainbow Trout Fly-Out Fishing

Fly-outs for trout are also available. The area has many great trout streams within a short float plane ride. One is the Brooks river within Katmai National Park. This river is one of my favorites for scenery, fish, and viewing bears. Sharing the river with Alaska's Brown Bears is an experience you'll never forget. Throughout the season we will fly you to some very special Alaskan streams.  

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